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Half a million pacemakers need a security patch

04 MAY 2018 by Lisa Vaas The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last month approved a firmware patch for pacemakers made by Abbott’s (formerly St Jude Medical) that are vulnerable … Continue reading

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Facebook accused of accumulating text messages and phone call data from Android devices

by Kavita Iyer posted on March 26, 2018 Facebook has always been blamed for invading its users’ privacy by leaking its personal information and profile to third parties for advertisements and marketing … Continue reading

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Geek Squad’s Relationship with FBI Is Cozier Than We Thought

BY AARON MACKEY MARCH 6, 2018 After the prosecution of a California doctor revealed the FBI’s ties to a Best Buy Geek Squad computer repair facility in Kentucky, new documents released to … Continue reading

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Annabelle: The Terrifying New Ransomware Variant

Stu Sjouwerman A new ransomware variant called Annabelle has been discovered, which seems to have been designed to ‘show off the skills’ of the developer who created it, by being as difficult to … Continue reading

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Reweaving the Web

Josh Quittner editorial director of Flipboard Feb 17 The movement to decentralize the Internet Illustration: Kevin Whipple Last spring, the government of Turkey did a terrible thing: It blocked its citizens’ access to … Continue reading

February 19, 2018

Hackers Can Now Steal Data Even From Faraday Cage Air-Gapped Computers

A team of security researchers—which majorly focuses on finding clever ways to get into air-gapped computers by exploiting little-noticed emissions of a computer’s components like light, sound and heat—have published another … Continue reading

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Thousands of Government Websites Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrencies

 Monday, February 12, 2018  Mohit Kumar There was a time when hackers simply defaced websites to get attention, then they started hijacking them to spread banking trojan and ransomware, and now … Continue reading

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