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Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Petya Ransomware Spreading Rapidly Worldwide, Just Like WannaCry

The WannaCry ransomware is not dead yet and another large scale ransomware attack is making chaos worldwide, shutting down computers at corporates, power supplies, and banks across Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, UK, India, and Europe and demanding $300 in bitcoins.

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[ALERT] New Fileless, Code-injecting Ransomware Bypasses Antivirus

Stu Sjouwerman Security researchers have discovered a new fileless ransomware in the wild, which injects malicious code into a legitimate system process (svchost.exe) on a targeted system and then self-destructs … Continue reading

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Data breach at Oklahoma U impacts 30K students

Lax privacy settings in a campus file-sharing network led to an unintentional exposure of the educational records of thousands of students at Oklahoma University. How many victims? At least 29,000. What … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Unveils ‘Cherry Blossom’ — Wireless Hacking System Used by CIA

WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing a framework – which is being used by the CIA for monitoring the Internet activity of the targeted systems by exploiting vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi devices.

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An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language

A buried line in a new Facebook report about chatbots’ conversations with one another offers a remarkable glimpse at the future of language. In the report, researchers at the Facebook … Continue reading

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Ex-NSA Analyst: Hackers Can Use E-Cigarettes and Whiskey to Get Your Most Sensitive Data | Inc.com

Hackers have all kinds of tools to breach your company’s network, including military-grade exploits and viruses. But the most wide-ranging hacks start with low-tech methods and social engineering, says David Kennedy, who started in computer security waging cyberwar for the U.S. government, including the National Security Agency, and is now a professional hacker who helps companies find security weaknesses.

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OneLogin Password Protector Hit by Serious Data Breach

Enterprise password manager OneLogin suffered a massive data breach Wednesday, and the attackers may have gained access to sensitive customer data, such as login information for a variety of companies. OneLogin manages login credentials for a variety of cloud applications for more than 2,000 enterprise clients.

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