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Apple won’t patch zero days, so uninstall QuickTime now

It’s time to uninstall QuickTime for Windows, security experts — including Trend Micro and the Department of Homeland Security — say, because Apple has abruptly pulled the plug on the program after two zero day vulnerabilities were found.

Apple issued its last patch for QuickTime for Windows in January, and it seems that will be the last patch the software ever receives. Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) recently disclosed two new and critical zero day vulnerabilities in the software, ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242. Both vulnerabilities were described as potentially allowing “remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable installations of Apple QuickTime” if the target were to visit a malicious web page.

ZDI also noted in the post that Apple said it “will no longer be issuing security updates for the product on the Windows Platform and recommend users uninstall it.”

However, Apple has not officially announced an end of life (EOL) for QuickTime and the support page for the software still describes the process to uninstall QuickTime in terms of “If you no longer need QuickTime…”

Read more by clicking the source link below.

Source: Apple won’t patch zero days so uninstall QuickTime now


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