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After NSA Backdoors, Security Experts Leave RSA for a Conference They Can Trust | Electronic Frontier Foundation

We thought we won the Crypto Wars, the fight to make strong encryption accessible to all, in the 1990s.1 We were wrong. Last month, Reuters broke news about a deal struck between the popular computer security firm RSA and the National Security Agency. RSA reportedly accepted $10 million from NSA to make Dual_EC_DRBG—an intentionally weakened random number generator—the default in its widely used BSAFE encryption toolkit.

RSA encryption tools are an industry standard used by large tech companies and individuals alike, to protect hundreds of millions of people by encrypting our daily online interactions. We trust RSA’s encryption every time we rely on the security of our communications, including our email, financial and e-commerce transactions, medical and legal records, web searches, airplane traffic communications, text messages, and phone calls. Without trustworthy encryption, safe business transactions are impossible and speech is chilled.

via After NSA Backdoors, Security Experts Leave RSA for a Conference They Can Trust | Electronic Frontier Foundation.



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